NLP Active is learning through activity and using relatable exercises to understand how we experience and filter the world around us. Learning to communicate in new ways without understanding how we do this for ourselves can seem strange and when we learn how we do this for ourselves makes life and change easier. NLP to lots of people can seem daunting and full of complicated jargon and yet it can be incredibly simple.


We communicate every single minute of the day and not all of it is as effective as we'd like it to be. Ever wondered why when you explain something to someone the other person doesn't understand what you've asked them to do, when in your own mind it seems so clear. Learning NLP will reveal this to you and enable you to subtly change the words you speak, interpret and convey what yøu mean with integrity, compassion and respect to all those you interact with.


Through NLP Active we will play with different activities that help you understand this through fun activities like yoga and cookery to name a few. We will also explore different locations in and around London taking learning out of the classroom and into the everyday in fun relatable ways. We learn best when we're curious about life.


My NLP journey began 15 years ago in London when I attended a NLP Practitioner course run by Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.  What I took away from that course was a manual that I didn't understand, some interesting tools and yet I had no idea what the jargon meant or even what I'd actually learnt.

The one thing I did know was that I FELT GREAT!!


However, several years later having lost touch with my NLP skills, I found myself experiencing severe insomnia and began seeking out many different ways to help myself solve this issue  all to no avail. 

Ever since then I've been fascinated with how I can help others live the life of their choosing. My own journey of being coached and trained with Tristan Soames and Sue Knight in NLP has changed my life profoundly from being stuck in a job I didn't like, to living a life of my own choosing and helping others do the same. Having worked in asset management for many years and seen how unhappy so many people are, I've always wanted to empower others to go for what they want and to live the life of their dreams. NLP has provided me with the tools to coach others to do just that. I love seeing someone's state change from being unhappy to shining brightly with a big smile on their face! 

Self confidence in who we are naturally is the greatest feeling in the world and it's within all of us!

Live your life and shine, it's what we've been created to do!!


NLP Active is about bringing out the best YOU!

We create the space for you to learn NLP easily through fun and relatable experiences, that create change in your life!


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